Nicole Benisti's history is one of impeccable craftsmanship and timeless luxury. Since its inception, the brand has been synonymous with innovative designs and unparalleled quality, making it a coveted choice for fashion-forward individuals worldwide.

From Montreal with Love

From Montreal with Love. Founded in Montreal, Quebec, the brand is proud of its rich Quebec cultural identity. It has developed its style and identity as Montreal has positioned itself as an important city in the fashion industry. Since 2006, Point Zéro has set up shop in the heart of Montreal's fashion district, setting up its offices, warehouse and boutique in a building of over 200,000 square feet.

Quiet Luxury

Indulge in the understated elegance of Nicole Benisti's exquisite designs, where opulence whispers and refined sophistication reigns supreme. Immerse yourself in a world where timeless luxury meets subtle extravagance, enveloping you in a haven of quiet allure and unparalleled style.

Maurice Benisti founded Point Zero. He began importing men's clothing from Italy and adapting it to the Canadian lifestyle. Why Point Zero: Because that's where he started, from scratch
Point Zero is known in the Canadian men's casual wear market for its iconic outerwear
Meets Nicole who becomes his partner. Together, Point Zero goes from strength to strength, combining Maurice's experience with Nicole's fashion sensibility. The brand expands its collections to include women, making Point Zero Canada's leading fashion and lifestyle brand, offering practical clothing at attractive prices.
Point Zero is becoming an essential brand in the Canadian fashion industry
Head office and flagship store launched in Montreal's fashion district on Chabanel. The building covers 200 000 square feet
Nicole launches the Nicole Benisti brand, and expands her offer on the luxury market
Point Zero marks the entry into its fortieth year by focusing on its ecological footprint, both in the choice of materials and in the manufacturing process. Coats and jeans are made from recyclable materials. "No Alternative Planet"
Because everyone's action is important to save our planet, Point Zero is staying the course and has set the goal of becoming 60% eco-responsible. In addition, the brand should see the opening of dozens of new stores, in Canada and abroad.
2025: Point Zero is looking to the future and should complete its change of course by becoming 100% eco-responsible and carbon neutra.

The Benisti Group's strength and success lies in its ability to provide customers with the latest fashion trends and eye-catching pieces produced in superior quality, all at an attractive price.

Maurice Benisti


Designed for extreme weather conditions and different according to the season of the year and the climate where you are located, Point Zero knows how to adapt your wardrobe according to