Nicole Benisti is a Canadian designer from Montreal.  Renowned for her unique jackets in the fashion industry, Nicole’s creative prowess extends beyond traditional boundaries.  While her specialization lies in outerwear, her designs transcend mere functionality to become profound expressions on individuality and artistry.  

At the core of Nicole Benisti’s design philosophy is the belief that outerwear is more than just a piece of clothing to shield against the elements.  She envisions it as a canvas for personal narrative, a means of communicating one’s style sensibilities and personality to the world.  Nicole’s perspective elevates her creations from being merely utilitarian to becoming statements of identity and self-expression. 

What truly sets Nicole Benisti’s creations apart is her adeptness at combining innovative fabrics with her signature mixed-media detailing.  The fusion results in jackets that are not only visually captivating but also inherently functional ensuring wearers remain comfortably protected from the weather while exuding an air of elegance.